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The Fishing Club
Cancer and Pisces at Swinton Estate Yorkshire

Once a month during the main fishing season (May - October), The Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate and Holbury Fishery in Hampshire transform into fishing centres for Club Members (both patients and their immediate carers). Here, you can meet people in a similar position in a relaxed and informal setting.

You will also be able to enjoy some great fishing with our qualified Guides, on hand to provide you with expert assistance.

There are two simple but enormous benefits to becoming a member of the Cancer and Pisces Club:

First it will provide a space where those who have been recently diagnosed are able to seek support by talking with other cancer sufferers who can vividly recall how they felt when first being informed about their condition. 


When Mick was diagnosed he, like thousands of others each year, felt very lost and confused. Although there are many superb organisations able to help new cancer patients Mick wanted to speak with someone whose situation was similar to his. The bond - shared by all anglers - provides this.

Secondly, fishing has thoroughly documented therapeutic benefits, backed by clinical research. This is something very evident in the hit TV series Mortimer & Whitehouse - Gone Fishing. For example, a recent US medical study, undertaken with conflict veterans suffering from PTSD, found that it reduced stress, depression and anxiety, whilst increasing resilience and self esteem as well as the ability to cope with adversity.





The Cancer & Pisces Club will operate as do many other angling associations.


The criterion for membership is that you have cancer. Our administrator will sign you up and before your fishing sessions you will need to sign a risk assessment and disclaimer to ensure all parties are covered.

In May 2022, we launched the monthly “club” days at Swinton. We want these to be enjoyed to the full by everyone whether they are experienced anglers, or indeed whether they are not sure which end of the rod you pick up. Our aim is the widely-recognised health benefits that fishing can bring, that therapy on the water, so we will have professionals on hand at these days so that everyone who attends can get plenty out of it. We will be expanding to other parts of the country in the near future.

Fishing Club Membership



C&P membership is FREE! 

Members will have access to our free monthly fishing centres and more!



C&P membership + you will receive a Cancer & Pisces book by Mick May.


C&P membership + C&P book and a much appreciated voluntary donation.

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