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Cancer and Pisces book by Mick May

and Pisces

In 2013, Mick May was diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-linked cancer, mesothelioma, for which the average life expectancy is 10 months.

Until he finally lost his courageous battle in March 2022, he lived a flourishing and productive life, full of joie de vivre. His case made medical history and gives new hope to a multitude of cancer sufferers around the world.

Mick's medical journey makes for a fascinating read as it weaves from the pain of his many treatments to the pleasures of his frequent fishing trips to British and exotic, international rivers. Threaded into this story are snapshots of Mick's creation and leadership of a leading offender rehabilitation charity, his deepening religious faith, his successful legal action against the merchant bank whose offices exposed him to asbestos in the 1980s, his Chairmanship of a school ravaged by the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire tragedy and the happiness of his family life with his remarkable wife and six children.

'A tale of tails - fishy and fabulous - and in aid of an important cause - full of humour - full of heart.'

Gyles Brandreth

'This quirky, intriguing and inspirational memoir is the sort of book you could admire and enjoy even if you had not the slightest interest in fishing - a remarkable book, which meshes wry fortitude with an eloquent passion for the positive power of time spent on the water.'

David Profumo

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